Customised Quote

If your project doesn't fit within one of our packages we are happy to provide a customised quote. To do so accurately we need to know:

  • What dates would be preferred?
  • How long do you need the studio for, hours / days?
  • Which room sets do you require, specific sets or the whole studio?
  • Is it commercial or none commercial work (i.e. business or personal)
  • What is your project, e.g fashion still photography, music video etc?
  • How many staff will be on set? (We class more than 4 people as a large scale project)
  • Will there be any extra unexpected equipment e.g. flood lights, generators etc?
  • Will you require any additional set design elements? We have a stock of props and can alter our sets to suit - inspiration photos or links are appreciated if there's something you have in mind. 
  • Do you require art direction? We can provide services such as set styling, fashion styling, creative direction for photo shoots, content creation guidance etc.
  • Anything else? We work with trusted creatives who we are happy to get on board for your projects, if you need a photographer, videographer, make up artist etc let us know. 

If you don't have all the details yet please estimate and we can always edit later, the more details we have the more accurate your quote will be.

We look forward to chatting! 

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